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NYC: Mindfulness for Creatives - August Event

Make space in that big creative brain! Join us!

Meditation is often said to be simple, but simple does not always mean easy. This exercise is intended to strengthen that process through practice and with the support of the group. New York City, in all of its beauty and profanity, bombards our senses with messaging and visual language. Sometimes so much space is taken up in our heads, there is little left for our own ideas. We're making a new space!

Guided Meditation for Creatives offers creative professionals a way to peacefully come together and hit the restart button. During this 60 minute experience we will discuss creativity at work and play, enjoy a 20 minute guided meditation and  if you’d like, share our thoughts on the practice. We will discuss creativity in its many forms, interpreting the aspects which are universal and unique. Attendees are encouraged to offer thoughts and participate. Future sessions will be guided by this feedback and be community-driven. Meditation is an ancient practice with a rich philosophical history and this event is based on an integrated method.

Lead by Daniel Ryan Cht Crt