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CHICAGO: APA - Get the Treatment for Creative Treatments

  • Grey House Productions 333 N Oakley Blvd, Suite 205 Chicago IL 60612 United States (map)

Photographers are finding themselves needing to prepare a treatment no matter how big or small the project - and under all circumstances. Creating and submitting a treatment to win a job has practically become a prerequisite. The need to provide one isn’t going anywhere. So how do we make the process of writing a treatment efficient? What steps do we follow to ensure we’re focusing on the most relevant aspects of our treatments? How do we come to a point where we don't feel that treatments are nothing but a futile exercise - or a task that triggers intense anxiety? At our workshop, you will gain the knowledge to overcome the apprehension and anxiety and gain confidence in preparing creative treatments that can land you that next project.

Special thanks to APA Board Members Lindsay Gallup, Rob Gregory, Jacob Watts, and Alyce Henson for helping plan this event, and to Hannah Soto at Grey House Productions for hosting this event.

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