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Colorado: ASMP Annual Assistant's Workshop

  • King Center 855 Lawrence Way #145 Denver, Colorado USA (map)


Day 1 features an in-depth panel discussion with local industry professionals on the business of assisting. If you are interested in learning more about, or trying to gain access to, the Colorado photography market this is a great opportunity to ask your questions and learn what it means to be a great assistant. If you are a professional photographer who has never hired or is looking to hire new assistants this will be a great time to meet many new faces.

Day 2 gives you hands-on experience with a local pro showing you how to use everyday equipment and then getting a chance to try it out yourself.

We will have fabulous door prizes you won’t want to miss, including two Capture One Pro licenses, thanks to Digital Transitions!


Friday, April 12, 6-9pm, we’ll begin with a panel discussion followed by networking with professional photographers and photo assistants with pizza and beer.

Panel: Advertising photographer, Demetrius Austin; dance photographer, Paul Weinrauch; architectural photographer, tbd; digital technician, Chris Medina; and photography assistant, Jim Darling.

Topics: Emotional intelligence, field notes (how to write up notes and take pictures of light setup, etc.), shoot specific dress codes, what to expect from an assistant & what’s expected of an assistant, interaction with client, time, emergency kits, pricing and digital asset management.

Saturday, April 13, 8:15am-3pm, join ASMP Colorado for Day 2 of our Annual Assistant’s Workshop to get introduced, familiar, and hands on with all facets of photo assisting beginning with bagels, coffee and networking!

If you’ve wanted to enter the world of assisting photographers, or if you’ve been in it and want to increase your knowledge, you’ll want to register and attend this important event.

The six stations:

  1. Working with Profoto/Light meters/Cords – portrait setup live shoot with model (Paul Weinrauch)

  2. Lightroom tethering/Working an Xrite Passport (Stephanie Barber)

  3. Setting up/Breaking down light modifiers-  Chimera Perfect Lighting (Jen Magnuson, Howard Paul)

  4. Capture One Tethering including styles, overlays, annotations (Larry Goodwin)

  5. Seamless setup/Collapsible backgrounds/Clamps/5in1s/Butterfly/Overhead frame (Tegan Keller)

  6. C stands/Knuckles/Booms/Pins/Sand bags/Gaffer’s tape (Michael Teak)

You need to register for each day! Hope to see you there!