Week in the Life: Pharma Photo Shoot Production Assistant

Shoot: Pharmaceutical photo shoot campaign of families from different ethnicities for a global audience.


1. Talent
Greet talent. There were both minors & adults on this shoot which means different paperwork. Make sure they have all paper work and keep track of what’s been received (on numbers or excel for example).

Things to note:
Minor Paperwork: W4 and/or W9, Minor Trust Agreement, Wage Theft Prevention Act, Shoot Release, Birth Certificate
Adult Paperwork: W4 and/or W9, WTPA, Shoot Release
*Have extra copies of each blank document printed in case talent comes without them and check that all boxes are ticked off, signatures are in the right place (and that legal guardians have signed for minors).

2. Schedule
At the end of each day, print and post visual shot list & schedule in studio, hallway, office and at hair & makeup and wardrobe stations.
*Check in with producer that all schedules & shot lists are up to date before posting.

3. Receipts
Scan and log receipts.
Sort receipts by category and which card was charged.
Enter data into wrap sheet.

4. Catering & Kitchen
Make sure caterers are on time. Help them unpack if needed.
Keep kitchen and waiting area clean & neat.
Put out waters and snacks for talent.  
Box up leftovers & continually restock fridge.  

5. Coffee Runs:
Take order (make sure you know how every takes their drink of choice, milk, sugar etc!)
Ask for credit card or petty cash and find out which coffee shop they like in the area.

Some tips I learned on this job:

Useful apps: Genius Scan [for receipt organization], Formulate Pro [manipulate PDFs], iCombiner [to combine PDFs]
Notebooks: I use Moleskin, but was introduce to Leuchtturm1917, which is a beautiful alternative!