Mobile Office: Austin Texas

Luckily for those producers looking for somewhere to plug in while on location, Austin is a worker-friendly coffee house mecca. On our latest shoot, we found these little gems that are perfect for tucking away into a little corner with your laptop and getting focused (save for a few fun distractions!). 

Vintage Heart Coffee - The coffee here is so delicious, I began slurping it down before realizing I hadn’t photographed it yet! This is an excellent & well-lit work space, with a variety of seating to choose from. There’s a communal bar with stools (if you like to be elevated, and well, communal), little 2-top tables to spread out on or invite a coworker to, and a few couches/chairs arranged around a coffee table to be used for more relaxed solo use or group projects. Parking in the back is painted with street art, and if you get hungry you can find taco trucks to the right and gluten-free/vegetarian friendly Takoba to the left. Cheeky signs are scattered throughout. 

Free wifi: Yes

Seating: Counter, couches & tables & one little chair outside in the back

Snacks: Yes! The usual muffins & croissants but some healthier options like Lara & Kind bars

Booze: No

Address:  1405 E 7th Street, Austin TX


Hotel San Jose - Hotel San Jose is tucked away off bustling South Congress behind a wall of hedges and succulents, enterable only through subtle wooden archways leading to paths strewn with lantern adorned live oaks and fruit bearing plants.  There are a couple options for where to do a bit of work inside this compound. The courtyard, a bit busier, where you can order from a lengthy menu of snack and spirits and get distracted by a bit of people watching. The pool, in a little hidden corner off the courtyard offers a quieter respite, or the tan leather banquets & ottomans around communal tables, just inside from the courtyard - meaning nearby outlets, so perhaps the most practical and quiet option (but also right next to the mini shop with bath & body offerings and some accessories).

Free wifi: Yes

Seating: Outdoor tables & poolside chairs, indoor banquets & ottomans

Snacks: Full menu, bar snacks

Booze: Yep! Cocktails, wine & beer

Address: 1316 South Congress Avenue, Austin TX 78704


Bonus! Jo’s is located right in the Hotel San Jose Parking lot. Known for their “hot coffee, good food, cold beer” and famous for it’s “I love you so much” sign, the South Congress location is completely outdoors. They also sell artisanal sodas and a colorful crowd congregates in the afternoon. You can also get a more substantial meal here & linger with a coffee or beer, and do a little people watching on your study breaks.

Cuvée - A stark, warehouse-y environment, Cuvée makes for a more serious workplace. They make a mean cortado and offer a few snacks and a variety of tiny (guilt-free) Askonosie chocolate pieces from the country of your choosing. The seating options include bar tables, tables, outdoor seating, and stools at the espresso bar (my personal favorite) where you can watch the baristas and the comers and goers through the window.  Coffee here is also amazing (apparently Austinians take their coffee pretty seriously) and if you order an iced coffee you're in for a neat surprise. For those times that you need something a little stronger than a coffee, they also serve beer on tap.

Free wifi: Yes

Seating: Coffee counter, bar tables, regular tables & outdoor row of seats

Snacks: Pastries, chocolates and a small breakfast menu

Booze: Beer on tap

Address: 2000 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702


Bonus! If you want to hang out al fresco and still be connected, Solar Pumpis literally an on-the-go office which is powered (and shaded) by a solar panel. These outdoor pumps will charge up your phone - for free - while you sit comfortably out of the sun's harmful rays.

Quickie Pickie - This spot has it all: coffee, tacos, beer & wine, meals (morning, noon & night) and a healthy grocery store. You could spend a whole day there (maybe even a whole week if you went unnoticed…). A long row of yellow stools line the outdoor porch along a counter with a few tables in the back, and although it faces the parking lot, the bright and lively design of the exterior walls more than makes up for it.  There are also a few tables and stools inside where you can order coffee, food, beer and wine at the counter, or pick up necessities like toothpaste, soap and pasta in the grocery aisles. Overall a very laid-back vibe with a delicious bounty of snacks and treats to choose from. Ample bike and car parking outside.

Free wifi: Yes

Seating: Indoor & outdoor stools and tables

Snacks: Full menu + groceries!

Booze: Cold beer & wine

Address: 1208 E 11th St Austin, TX 78702