French Polynesia: Explore through the eyes of Tiny Atlas Quarterly Photographers

Explore French Polynesia through the eyes of Tiny Atlas Quarterly's photographers on their recent trip to Tahiti, Mo'orea & Tetiaroa. 

This is the TAQ Class of Tahiti '17 Family Photo!

This is a visual representation of the entire Tiny Atlas Quarterly x Earth Missions x Allswell trip to French Polynesia - the guests, the gear, the crew, the adventures. A rare moment of stillness, we were all collected & sorted - a human still life composed by the expert art direction of Ja Soon Kim, photographed by the dramatic drone duo Salty Wings & conceptualized by the effervescent Tyson Wheatley.

From across the globe, we came together in one of the most remote locations that I have ever been to, quickly finding common ground through our creative pursuits. That week has me bursting with gratitude & inspiration - every individual on this trip is pursuing life with such creativity, curiosity,  kindness & openness. I left reluctantly but feeling richer through these experiences and new relationships. 

Travel makes you grow in unexpected ways. 

I encourage you to travel through the eyes of each of these individuals, to pursue life with curiosity & to also use your social media power for good. 

See Tahiti, Mo'orea & Tetiaroa through the eyes of our trip participants on Instagram:

@tinyatlasquarterly @twheat @omjsk @saltywings @dantom @tashavanzandt @earthmissions @allswellcreative @theproducerdotcom @_jampal @micgoetze @cookwilltravel


Thanks so Adobe Stock, Fuji & a few other friends!