Dallas: Destination The Wild Detective

Photos by  Audrey Cho

Photos by Audrey Cho

The Wild Detectives

314 W 8th, Dallas TX 75208


The Wild Detectives is halfway down an unassuming residential block of the Bishop Arts neighborhood. It's a coffee shop/bar/bookstore/performance space/what have you with the best cappuccino and a small assortment of food (breakfast tacos, Mediterranean toasts, pastries, and pies), all from nearby businesses. You can settle in at the long communal table, a regular table, or cozy up on the window bench seating. There's also a great backyard area with plenty of benches if you can stand the heat. Free wifi, outlets galore, and street parking.

Dallas: Destination The Joule

The Joule

1530 Main St, Dallas TX 75201


The Joule is a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown with incredible artwork, including the famous Tasset eyeball in their sculpture garden across the street. Mosaics saved from the Mercantile Bank complex are spread throughout the hotel along with other impressive works, all from the hotelier's own collection. Browse for inspiration in Taschen, experience nouveau Texan at the lauded CBD Provisions, casual Italian at Americano, or a craft cocktail at the Midnight Rambler, all conveniently located off the lobby.

Photos by  Audrey Cho

Photos by Audrey Cho

Destination: Dallas FT33

Photos by  Kevin Marple

Photos by Kevin Marple


1617 Hi Line Dr, Dallas TX 75207


Located in the Design District, FT33's Chef Matt McCallister uses local ingredients, highlighting vegetables for a healthier than usual Dallas fare. They are one of the few high end restaurants that can do tasty vegan/vegetarian options. Their barrel-aged cocktail program gets national nods if you can expense a Pappy Van Winkle!