Tool Kit: Fluxmob Bolt

Being a producer means I’m on my phone constantly. Battery life is tested by those hour-long conference calls, checking for email approval on talent or locations, and researching the nearest cafe to get a photographer that quadruple-shot latte. Within a few hours, the battery of my iPhone is in the red danger zone of 10% power or less.  I’ve tried a few different mobile charging options, but I keep coming back to the Fluxmob Bolt. It’s the smallest combination battery back-up AND wall charger.

There is no propriety cord for the Bolt. You can use your own iPhone cord and there is no need to carry along or remember a separate a mini USB cord.  

One small button initiates the charge and green lights clearly indicate that your device is charging.  It looks cool - comes in an array of colors and has a rubberized matte finish.
It’s simple, effective, and small enough that I always have it in my work bag. As it is also a wall charging unit, I don’t even need to remember to charge it, as it does so while powering up my own device.