The Antiquity of Checks


When’s the last time you used a VHS deck? Or dial-up internet?

In my opinion, checks as a form of payment should go the way of those obsolete technologies.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve grown up partly in Germany, where bank transfers are Gang und Gebe - routine - but I avoid writing checks whenever possible.

In recent years, I’ve been relying on ACH (automatic checking deposits) or wire transfers to pay both crew and vendors. (*We’ll have a larger discussion on paying crew via payroll soon too.)

Here’s why:

There is no waiting for the oft-unreliable mail.

There is no waiting for a check to clearYou don’t need to have stamps or an envelope on hand, just a laptop and internet. 

Crew is paid same day (if you have the same bank) or within 2-3 days, without having to make a trip to the bank.

Just make sure to email a confirmation of the payment to individuals so they know the payment has been made.

Fellow producers, how to you handle payment?

Fellow crew, how do you prefer to be paid - besides in full and immediately?