Tools of the Trade: NYC Wardrobe Stylist Pia Malatesta


Pia Malatesta shares with us her indispensable tools of the trade:

Malatesta lists that she cannnot work without her double stick tape, her scissors &  safety pins.

Double stick tape can be utilized for things like quick fix hems, button replacement, keeping collars down,  keeping tops in place. It’s the must-have on-set tool!  Sharp scissors are needed to snip tags in a flash, trim fly-away fabric or threads,  & used to cut double stick tape into any shapes that might be needed.  Safety pins have one of the most important roles in her tool kit; they assist her in altering any outfit to fit anyone perfectly.  There is a definite art of pinning required here!

If you're looking to build out your wardrobe styling kit, it's also useful to have a seam ripper, measuring tape, & a few extra buttons. A once-over with a lint roller helps polish the final wardrobe look.

You also never know when you'll have to make like MacGyver while you're shooting on location. Many everyday items can be repurposed, so keep that black Sharpiegaff tape handy, and keep in mind that you can always use a binder clip in place of an A-clamp in a pinch (pun intended).



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Interview by: Annika Howe

Photography by: Finn Hinke