Iconic Los Angeles Driving Tour

Charles Danek shares his iconic L.A. driving tour with The Producer

Charles Danek: For that classic Beverly Hills look with the tall palm trees, try around Maple between Sunset and Santa Monica, or you could take Elevado Avenue up and you can find it there. If you go up Beverly Drive, you’ll see the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. Keep going up Beverly to Coldwater Canyon, take Coldwater and turn right onto Mulholland Drive - there will be a lot of scenic overlooks both of the Valley and of the Hollywood Sign. Go past Laurel Canyon and keep following it down to Outpost. If you go a little past Outpost there’s a pull out there, when you look out you can see all the way from the ocean to downtown, right over the Hollywood Bowl, that’s by Runyon Canyon park, the north entrance. Then head right back toward Outpost, which will take you right out on Hollywood within a block of the Chinese Theater and you’re right on the boulevard. And if you want to have Mexican for lunch, try Paquito Mas on Sunset, bonus - you usually see celebrities there!


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