Tools of the Trade: Chicago Stylist Theresa Poborsky


What’s in your toolkit, Theresa Poborsky?

As a stylist you have to be ready for whatever gets thrown at you and sometimes, making the impossible possible.  I carry everything from the strange to the mundane.

My top four kit essentials are:

1. Clips and Pins - I use them on nearly every shoot. Pins can be used for a wide array of things, like fitting shirts, keeping note tags together & fixing the occasional broken fly on a zipper. I like using clips when pulling back a heavier fabric, knowing it can withstand the stress.

2. Make-Up Mask – This is an absolute lifesaver! The struggle is real when it comes to finding the opportune time to get a model dressed. BEFORE going into make-up, you run the risk of the model wrinkling the clothes you steamed so carefully. Just 15 minutes of sitting in that make up chair undoes all your careful work! Dressing the model AFTER going into makeup has its own challenges. This is where the make-up mask saves the day. It is essentially a face shield! Now your talent can change, keep the clothes clean, and you don’t have to worry about whether that Shout wipe will actually get that lipstick stain off the front of the dress.  As a stylist, my favorite model is always the one who brings her own mask. She doesn’t know where my kit has been (or maybe she does)!

3. The Accordion File – This is the single most important thing in my kit. It keeps my receipts organized and in one safe place. You’ll always find it in my purse. Losing a receipt just isn’t an option. Organization is the key to my success.

4. The Lint Brush – Lint is the archenemy of photography. Need I say more?

Theresa Poborsky is a Chicago-based stylist. Check out her work here

Photos by Melinda Jane Myers