Tools of the Trade: NYC Hairstylist Eric R. Williams


The Producer: What are some of the tools of the trade you need to do your job?

Eric R. Williams: A great blow dryer, invest in one. Invest in a great blow dryer even if it's $200-300, it makes a big difference in your world. That's one of the things I’ve learned this year. Sometimes we’re so quick to pick up a flat iron, but it’s all about the blow dryer. Need a Mason Pearson, I’ve always been told you’re not a real hairdresser unless you have a Mason Pearson. Once you buy one, you’ll never buy another one. They last for years. I highly recommend it. They have other brushes out there similar to a Mason Pearson. A great flat iron. I love the Babyliss Nano Titanium, is one of my go-to flat irons. Amazing flat iron. It conducts high heat but because I work with so many textures of hair and ethnicities, I need a flat iron that's able to get as hot as I need it if I’m doing African American hair or if I’m doing even more fine texture hair I need it to still be nice without scorching and damaging the hair. As far as product, my favorite product right now would be the TIGI Queen for a Day. It’s a thickening spray. I realize now that I can’t go on any job without it. It really makes a difference especially if you have the finer quality hair, you’re doing a blowout and you need that thickness without stiffness.