Avoiding Post Production Stress Disorder

Alright Fellow Producers and Freelancers, you’ve just spent the past 4 weeks working 16-hour days, making yourself available via phone, text and email 24 hours a day. You’ve gotten through estimating & kicking off the job, casting, locations, booking those locations, talent & crew, managing the entire pre-production with client, agency & crew, successfully feeding everyone during the shoot day, and wrapping all the paperwork. Whew! You should feel great! You should feel accomplished! Now should be the time for you to celebrate. 

Instead, you’re feeling the anxiety and panic of Post Production Stress Disorder. 

Why isn’t my phone ringing? Where are the 1,000 emails I normally receive overnight? What if I never work again? 

Press pause on the panic button & breathe.

Now’s the time to reset and revel in catching up on lost sleep. Reconnect with your loved ones who might believe you’ve fallen off the planet and explore having a social life again. Cook your own dinner. Make time for exercise. Do something entirely for you. Find a way back to that delicate work-life balance. And have faith that after a job well done, there will be further projects in the pipelines. 

How do you celebrate being done with a project?

How do you transition back into non-production life?

How do you reward yourself?

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