10 Marketing Tips From an Artist Agent

Maria Hummel is an artist agent with Art&Motion and a creative marketing consultant based in New York.

Here are her top 10 marketing tips, applicable to any career in need of a marketing push.

1. Stay true to your brand and have a consistent design aesthetic.

Having your own style guide will definitely help with consistency and any designers or assistants you may work with.

2. Have a printed portfolio or substantial tangible materials.

I know people may have different views on this, but a well presented and well printed book still has a surprising wow factor. Work with a designer and editor on this. Bonus points if you can create something that looks different from the standard book.

3. Make deadlines specifically for marketing .... and stick to them.

I know it's hard especially when you're busy, but all of that work still needs to happen. Repeating calendar reminders are a secret tip which can help a lot. Also build in some accountability - consider putting someone in charge of checking in on your progress to make sure you meet your deadlines.

4. Test in any spare time that you have.

Test with people you have never worked with before. It will help expand your network. Don't be afraid to reach out to Creatives to see if they would like to collaborate with you.

5.Reach out to potential clients in a way that makes sense for your personality.

Don't force yourself to do mailings or postcards if that's not something you're into. Besides, the more reach out to someone in a unique or targeted manner, the more memorable you will be.

6. Don't be afraid to go after your top ten dream clients.

Pick 10 brands and companies that you would love to work for. Do your homework on them, and reach out to them with passion and gumption.

7. Network.

Do one of two things. Either get out and meet people face-to-face or do the cold calls. This industry is still and always has been about making personal connections. Make the calls yourself. You can't expect someone to give you their time when you're not willing to give them yours.

8. Go to events that your clients would go to.

Don't just go to events that have to do with your industry specifically. You need to see your potential clients out & about.

9. Know your competition and what sets you apart from them.

The better you can describe who you are and why you're different, the more likely you'll stand out and the better they'll understand your work.

10. Have a solid elevator speech.

Stick to three key points. You don't have to repeat it word for word, but you need to be able to consistently and clearly hit on the same three points that you need to get across.

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