Tools of the Trade: Austin Stylist Natalie Ogura

First and foremost, sneakers! Yes, stylists want to dress cute on set, but you know, as a stylist you’ve got to be comfortable too when you’re running around like maniac all day. I have an obsessive collection in my closet and even an extra pair in my car, just in case. I aim to be “comfortably cool”.

As for tools, I’ve got gaff tape in a multitude of colors. It’s super sticky and durable. It’s always in my kit and it comes in handy for both prop and wardrobe styling. For example, if you need to cover up something quickly, like a wall socket on a white wall, add a bit of white gaff tape and it disappear in-camera. I’ve even fashioned last-minute bracelets by braiding a few strands together and it looks just like leather! I recently made a super thick elastic band accessory for a ponytail with black gaff - the uses are endless.

Another essential is marking pencils. These are water-soluble and they stay on surfaces such as glass and acetate, plastic, metal - anything. Basically I use the pencils to mark locations of props and if they have to be moved on one scene I could replace them for another while preserving the consistency of the shot. That’s really important especially with video. And for wardrobe styling, it’s of course great for marking hems.

Another great tool is Pinterest for creating style guides/mood boards.

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Interview by Annika Howe

Images by Jason Griego