Tools of the Trade: Styling Assistant Caitlin Dooley

My Tools of the Trade:

  • Pencil and a notebook- These things are imperative in my day to day work. Whether I am prepping for a job or on set I always make sure to have a pencil and notebook ready. When I am helping to prep for a job I usually need to be calling the models and confirming sizing as well as writing down things that we need to be looking for. On set, I am expected to keep track of our budget and keep a constant tally of what is worn for each shot. Always have a pencil and paper!  
  • Thread scissors- I keep a pair of thread scissors on me at all times. Cutting tags out of clothes, trimming lose threads, and catching small snags make having small sharp scissors a necessity. As an assistant, I want to be the one to catch those small imperfections so the Lead Stylist can focus on pinning and fit.
  • Rack separators- These are my dream tool! They keep me organized behind the scenes and make all the difference in efficiency. When I am working, I am usually organizing multiple looks with multiple talent. The rack separators help me to keep looks in the correct order and on the right model.
  • Press Mitt- Stylist Liz Teich introduced this to me when I first started assisting with her and she noticed I was having a hard time steaming the top of a collared shirt. The Press Mitt is a tool that you use to protect your hand from the heat of the steamer while also getting a solid surface on the garment to press the steamer into. It’s helpful on the fly when you don’t have an iron or need to press something quickly!
  • Running shoes- I’m kidding… but seriously - don’t ever wear stilettos. I made the mistake of wearing heels on my first job and it was a lesson I will never forget. My poor feet are probably still recovering! You are constantly moving & most often carrying heavy items, so make sure that what you are wearing on your feet can carry you all day long and keep you ready for the possibility of some light sprinting!

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Interview by Annika Howe

Images by Candy Kennedy