In Appreciation of Producers

Sara Foldenauer expresses her appreciation for the role of a producer.

SF: During a shoot, I really appreciate when a producer is involved especially when I have to deal directly with the client. The producer provides a “buffer zone”, so I don’t always have to be the one saying no to the client & I can handle my end of things behind the scenes.

  I’m blown away by what producers do -  how you get to a shoot location and everything is organized upon your arrival. Production has your permits, you have your designated space, your supplies & kits ready. You don’t have to beg people for stuff. It’s all handled!

  This industry will always seek out a “yes” person who can get things done & sorted.  Even when a producer may realize that a particular client or crew request might be a bit out-of-line, simply taking the approach of, “We’ll figure that out for you” or  “We’ll help you out with that” can make a world of difference.   There are times in production, where sets and props are the focus of the shoot. Yes, photo equipment is always essential too, but if there’s a big set, there are a lot of variables to deal with - often a large quantity and huge volume of stuff. Producers have to juggle so many more variables behind the scenes, including models, call times, talent - who knows what else!  That’s why it’s essential to have a producer who really knows what they’re doing.

  A good producer is someone you can talk to about your job needs, communicate with and make sure they are on the same page, while you’re working towards the same goal of a successful shoot.