Tools of the Trade: NYC Set Designer and Prop Stylist Sara Foldenauer

Sara Foldenauer shares a few of her must-have tools that are not only indispensable, but also make her job quite a bit of fun!

1. Paint supplies. I paint all the time and thank goodness it’s one of my favorite things to do. Love it! 

2. One of my new babies is my spray gun It’s like, “PEW, PEW!” I got one last year, I blew through two of them already, clogged them up too much and now I’ve got two more.  They are  just so versatile and do so many things.

3.Glue guns!  Everything can be accomplished with a glue gun, and of course a drill.  

4. A drill is my basic tool for construction and set design.

5. Then,  I should also mention gaffers tape, knee pads, etc…. but some paint, a glue gun, drill, those are my foundational tools.  


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Interview by: Annika Howe

Photography by: Adrian Alston