On Representation: Sara Foldenauer

TP: Hi Sara, tell me about when you decided that you needed to get a rep? You’ve had a couple now, right?

SF: I have had a few reps now and those transitions have all happened pretty organically.  Back when I was getting my start, I was cold-calling agencies just to go meet with their photographers in the hopes of getting work. Landing a rep wasn’t really on my front burner at the time, but I was also friends with Kate Ryan who was just opening her styling department at the same time . During those crappy Recession years, I would work in her office helping with paperwork & I suppose that exposure got me thinking more about having an agent. I then went with Jam Arts, which was a smaller agency and I was with them for 6 months.  

TP: What do you consider the benefits to be of having an agent?

SF: I like having a designated person to deal with money conversation. I can handle my scheduling, but I do not like talking money!

TP: I can definitely see how it’s nice to have someone else handle all those tricky, delicate, diplomatic conversations for you, so that you can be focused on the creative solutions. I suppose as a producer, I provide that same role and support for the photographer. I get it!  

SF: Yeah, not having to do that is number one for me!

TP: You mentioned that you’ve been represented by a few different agencies. What are some factors in changing or choosing your rep?

SF: Communication can be a real issue and you have to find the right fit for your style & personality. How my agent speaks to me about things is important. It’s a relationship based on mutual respect, hopefully.     

With my newest rep, I felt that some things just fell into place. Even my initial two-hour interview with them was engaged and exciting!

TP: What are the benefits with your new agent now?

SF: Again, communication. That seems to be my number one thing. Respect and communication - my current situation has both. They respect me as an artist, I respect the work they put in. I’m a real talker and I need to be working with someone easy to talk to. Even when we’re discussing work, it doesn’t have to be so robotic or serious - we’re in this industry to have some fun!