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What's in Your Tool Kit, Brandy & Sean?

Brandy: For us its really more of a personal level, the people that we are working with.

Sean:  Just good genuine people

BW: Exactly, the people who are taking the pieces we find and putting in the love refinishing them, reupholstering them, whatever the case may be - that’s a real vital component for us. Otherwise, if I were to think of a physical tool it would be wood oil.

SW: Also, a trailer hitch. Since we’ve been going up and down the east coast so much, we finally put a trailer hitch onto our car.

BW: [The trailer] has been pretty important!

SW: There’s a difference between sitting on set for 18 hours on production versus me hauling a trailer, driving 18 hours & loading into our studio space at 3am. That speaks volumes to me because this is something I’m doing together with my wife and I enjoy doing it.

BW: Yeah, we don’t mind those 23 hour days together!

SW:  If we do this in production, why not do this for our own company? And at the end of the day, our reward is a high-five but mostly it is more, “Alright, we did this! it’s 4 in the morning we should go to bed, we have to return this 6x12 trailer by 10.

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