Tools of the Trade: NYC Hair & Makeup Artist Ananda Khan


What's in your tool kit, Ananda?

Ananda Khan: Let’s see, tools. I mean, any number of products! It’s like a toy store going into any sort of makeup store. Working with new brushes and experimenting with that, it really is a lot of fun. I rely on my tools, but those things are really expensive. It’s shocking.

The Producer: Yes, people don’t realize how much you invest in your hair and makeup kit.

AK: It’s thousands of dollars, it really is, and trying out new tools can be so expensive, especially coming up as assistant. I couldn't rely on those things because I simply couldn’t afford to. So, honestly one of my favorite tools is more of a skill - mixing product. Somebody told me this early on: makeup is essentially just oil, water and pigment - and I never forgot it. With that, I’ve been able to mix any powder, any cream or oil or hydration base - or dehydrate it if need be - and it’s become this thing that I love to do at work.

TP: So you get to play and experiment and be an artist!  Individuals just happen to be your canvas.

AK: Oh, absolutely, and again back to the dancers, they are my canvas. I like to talk to them, just see how they move around the space because while watching them, I can use my writing skills of observation to see what I can pull out of them visually. It makes any job really fun because it is about the concept but sometimes it’s simply about that intimacy between me and the subject and trying to find something that I can pull out to expose to people. So it’s the talent (as in models), and it’s my talent and I think those are my tools.

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