Tools of the Trade: NYC Wardrobe Stylist Elysha Lenkin

What's in Your Kit, Elysha? 

Elysha Lenkin: I’ve been working as a stylist for a really long time, and it always comes back to these three essentials for every shoot:

Gold Amex Card

The benefits on this card are fantastic. Particularly the purchase protection which means when one of my purchases is lost or stolen, I am not responsible for payment. A real life saver when the job gets hectic, and the last thing I want to deal with is stolen wardrobe.

Double Stick Tape

I was very happy with the tape I was buying at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply until just recently when I discovered what may be the best double stick ever. I bought it at Empire Scout Shop —it’s boy scout tape! And boy does this stuff stick like nothing else. I was bragging about how strong it was on set the other day, and then I got home and realized I had it stuck allover my blouse. It wasn’t fun trying to get off. I had to get into the Goo Gone for that job.

Mini A Clamps

Back in the day when I first started out as a stylist, these baby clips were really tough to locate so I’d stock up on Canal street. I used to be really protective about my clamps on set…like if anyone ever tried to walk away with one I’m like No way! Now these little clips are all over the place for about 99 cents. But I still feel protective over my mini clamps.

Interview by Annika Howe

Photography by Adrian Alston

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