Tools of the Trade: Chicago Soft Goods Stylist Lindsey Parker

Lindsey, what would you say are your tools of the trade?

Lindsey Parker: Good knives. I’m not totally sure with food styling yet because there are a lot of different tools. For some jobs you won’t need very many, while others you do. I could definitely tell you the best tools for soft goods: metal tape, it’s like duct work tape or aluminum tape. You can bend it and it will keep it’s shape.

The Producer: When do you use that?

LP: I like to wind the backs of the bell of the bed with metal tape to make it perfect. Clients really get picky about the shape! Oh also, foam insulation. Really sharp pins of all kinds are important and then you can wrap the foam in fabric and that’s what you pin up the clothes to - the pin boards. Let's see, a good iron - I don’t use starch. Good scissors, knitting needles.  I use those to shove into things and straighten things, like if I’m doing a stack of sheets that needs to be perfect, you can kind of stick them into the sides to make them perfect or even or playful. Spoons, long spoons and knee pads.

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